Man’s primary purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever (WSC 1). As we worship, we desire to do so in a manner that reflects who God is and what He has done for His people. At Redeemer, we have purposefully created our worship services to glorify God, to show reverence to Christ, and to share the Word. Our choir strives to be stately yet accessible to all in our services.

We want God to be the evident center of all we do in our worship services. In all of our worship, we will seek to provide for an experience of both the glory and the enjoyment of God (Isaiah 6). Because of who we are, our services will be characterized as “traditional–liturgical” worship.

By “traditional” we mean that we will strive for excellence, beauty, and a degree of formality in our services (I Cor. 14:40). Within that formality, we will use a variety of hymns, musical genre, and instruments as part of our worship. For instance, praise choruses may be sung at the beginning of worship to prepare the hearts of worshipers, but a contemporary hymn may be more appropriate than a praise chorus in the body of the liturgy. In most cases traditional hymns will be sung from the Trinity Hymnal (Col. 3:16 17).

By “liturgical” we mean that we will strive to involve our people in worship through Scripture reading, prayer, song, and ministry reports in order for God’s people to participate instead of simply ‘attending’ worship. Some of the components of worship that allow us to do this are: Affirmations of Faith, Responsive Readings, Corporate Prayers (from various time periods throughout redemptive history), and partaking of the Sacraments in a frequent manner.


Children’s Choir is open for children in grades 1st – 6th grade (ages 6 – 12).  Rehearsal is on Sunday afternoons from 3 – 4 with a time to socialize at the end.  Children will sing a variety of songs from classic hymns to music written for children; to help instill God’s values and teach of His love.  We have the privilege of serving in the worship service by singing once a month.  Please contact Jennifer Kiser for more information.

 Music for Children’s Choir

Who is the little Baby (Vocals)

Who’s the Little Baby  (Accompaniment)

God Made Me (Vocals)

God Made Me  (Accompaniment)

I Will Give Thanks (Vocals)

I Will Give Thanks (Accompaniment)


Children’s Handbell Choir  This choir is open to 3rd to 5th grade students. We’d love to have your child join us for this meaningful form of worship.

Adult Choir often leads worship during our Sunday morning worship service at 10:30 am. The choir rehearses Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m.


Orchestra is open to all ages and all instruments. We usually meet once a month with more rehearsals during the Advent and Lent seasons. Please check our events calendar for specific rehearsal dates and times.