Because man’s primary purpose is “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever,” (WSC 1) we believe worship is our highest activity and everything in life either leads to or flows from worship. As those who were created by God in His image, we desire to worship Him in a manner that reflects who He is and what He has done for His people.

We encourage our congregation, both as individuals and as the corporate body of Jesus Christ, to receive grace upon grace as it is given to us by our Savior through the ordinary means of word and sacrament. We respond with our minds, our hearts, and our wills as it is commanded through singing, confessing, praying giving and embracing the word preached.

Theologian Donald Bloesch once wrote, “Our worship is essentially a spectacle that appeals to the senses rather than an act of obeisance (bowing) to the mighty God who is both holiness and love. Contemporary worship is far more egocentric than theocentric. The aim is less to give glory to God than to satisfy the longings of the human heart. Even when we sing God’s praises, the focus is on fulfilling and satisfying the human desire for wholeness and serenity. This motivation is not wrong in itself but becomes questionable when it takes priority.”

Lord’s Day Worship