Are you crazy-busy but wonder if you’re making the best use of your time?

We encourage you to listen to our recent seminar “What’s Best Next.” Matt Perman, author of What’s Best Next, will help you answer the questions – “What REALLY is best next for me?” and “How do I faithfully and practically do what I’m called to do in a way that is productive, glorifies God, and benefits those around me?”

The following paragraphs outline some recommended productivity resources, supplied by Matt Perman to supplement what we learned in our teaching conference What’s Best Next!

One of the best short resources now, from a Christian perspective, is Tim Challies’ Do More Better. Tim and Matt Perman have talked a lot about productivity and he read my book before writing that, so there is good overlap. He presents some of the same concepts I do, as well as many of his own, and it’s shorter than What’s Best Next. So it can be a good place for people to start.

Tim also has a blog series on productivity. This is the first article in the series: https://www.challies. com/articles/how-to-get- things-done/. So that might be a short read people might enjoy; there may be others in the series you want to refer them to also. I really like how he starts out by making productivity about glorifying God.

Another book from a Christian perspective is Shopping for Time, by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters. It is short and not a comprehensive system, but can be helpful.

Many people have also been helped by Gordon MacDonald’s Ordering Your Private World, though that is more about balance than a whole productivity approach.

More recently there is Bill Hybel’s Simplify, which touches on this subject (balance) in several chapters. His chapter on schedules is wonderful.

From a common grace perspective, as I mentioned Covey’s First Things First is the best in my view.

More recently, Essentialism is very popular and a great book.

And of course there is Getting Things Done, though that leaves out much of the character foundations that I believe are so important to true productivity.



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